PPF Training

Shadow Shield Paint Protection Training

Being able to provide customers with quality installations of paint protection products is extremely important to your success in the Paint Protection industry.

For that reason, Shadow Shield offers a very thorough set of installation training courses that have been consistently rated as the best in the industry. Shadow Shield utilizes 4; 3M certified trainers with a minimum of 7 years experience each. These trainers have held classes internationally and are well respected in the industry for their depth of knowledge in the paint protection industry.

We guide our students through an education process that is both intellectual and hands-on. Our comprehensive curriculum covers topics ranging from the inner workings of design software to the latest, most innovative installation techniques for paint and headlamp protection film. In our paint and headlamp protection film courses, we train you to successfully install paint and headlight protection kits on the most challenging vehicular contours.

BASIC TRAINING Paint and Headlamp Installation Training Four Days: Monday - Thursday $1495 per student
ADVANCED TRAINING 6 months experience in paint protection film installations. Two Days $895 per student

All classes are held at the Shadow Shield Training Centers, which are located in Calgary, AB and Mississauga, ON Canada. Our various training offerings benefit the novice and advanced installer with a purposefully structured syllabus for each skill level. Students receive the personal attention that will enable them to gain the skills necessary to provide quality, trouble-free installations on even the most challenging of vehicles.

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