Tint Slime - 32 Ounce

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Developed for tinters, by tinters. TintSlime is a window tint mounting & cleaning solution. TintSlime has hitting tint shops around the country with rave reviews. TintSlime is a must for tinters who need max performance from their slip solutions.

TintSlime was made specifically for the tint industry.  Unlike other soaps, TintSlime has no harsh chemicals or unnecessary ingredients.  TintSlime will not separate, and when used with filtered or distilled water, there is no need to clean out your sprayers daily.  TintSlime’s low glycerin content means good slip with a quick setup.    
TintSlime is safe for use on interiors, biodegradable, and of course, tint safe.


  1. Free of particulates
  2. Won’t separate
  3. No need to clean out sprayers daily when mixed with filtered or distilled water
  4. No harsh chemicals
  5. Tint slips when you need it to, tacks quickly
  6. Less waste, at 1 oz. of TintSlime per gallon, TintSlime will make 40 more gallons of slip solution than other shampoos and soaps
  7. Easier Clean up
  8. Quicker Film Drying Time


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